SEO in Greece

seo greece logo.jpgI’m Dimitris Kourdoupalos a leading SEO Expert Greece and this is my blog.

SEO or search engine optimization Greece, is my passion. I found out about it in 2008 and I instantly “fell in love” with it. My many successes in this industry and the fact that I just loved the whole process of SEO Greece and digital marketing in general, made me decide to leave my job as a sales representative for OPAP and become a full time SEO expert.

Since 2014 I have been working as an expert in SEO and internet marketing Greece. I have launched and managed many successful SEO and digital marketing campaigns for a wide variety of businesses, Greek and foreign alike. I have studied and dealt with all aspects of digital marketing, always with the help of my team of dedicated and expertly trained experts: from webdesign Greece and search engine optimization and website promotion, no task is too small or too big for me and my partners.

Why I created this blog.

I know very well that Search engine marketing Greece and internet marketing in general is a “team sport”. What I mean by that, is that those who take up this ‘sport’ essentially learn from other SEOs with more experience and knowledge than them. You cannot create a successful and efficient SEO marketing plan Greece unless you study and analyze other successful plans, carried out by well-known experts.

So, I decided that it was time for me to contribute to this great community. With this blog I will share my knowledge not only with already established SEOS, but with those just starting their “journey” them and those who simply want to know what this SEO thing that they have heard so much about is, as well.

What you’ll find on my blog:

SEO: Here you will find articles on Search engine optimization that will cover all of its aspects: from how it works, to how to make Google and other search engines “like” a website, to how to keep penalties away from your websites. Here you will find many guides for beginners, ideal for those taking their first steps into the of SEO Greece.

Digital Marketing: Here you will find articles about digital marketing in general. You will learn how to properly design, build and promote a website as well as how to properly organize a Google AdWords advertising campaign.

Google: Here you will find articles about Google’s algorithms, i.e. the way they work and rank the sites in the SERPs and how that can affect the world of SEO. You will also learn all the latest news regarding upcoming changes to said algorithms and Google in general.

Weekly reading: Here I will share with you all articles and blog posts that piqued my interest each week. It goes without saying that this section will be updated on a weekly basis.

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